Summer is here: It’s time for some fun in the sun!

Summer is in full swing here in Florida, and I’ve been thinking of how I can best support you during the busy months ahead. During this hot and sunny season, self-care is more important than ever. Today, I’d like to dive into how we can stay fit amidst the...

CELEBRATE your body this May

I don’t know about you, but I can’t believe it’s already the month of Memorial Day, Mother’s Day & Cinco De Mayo. We’ve got so many exciting holidays coming up to celebrate with loved ones, and it saddens me to know how many people view holidays as a roadblock in...

A Celebration of New Beginnings: Happy Easter & Passover!

As the flora around us springs into bloom, it’s time to celebrate the spring holidays of Easter & Passover with some fresh new recipes and movement to celebrate our bodies and make us feel our best going into the summer months. If you’ve been hoping to...

Spring Into Shape; With Yummy Recipes, Workouts & More…

As we head into the 3rd month of 2023, I wanted to check in with you. How are you? How is your fitness journey going now that the sparkly newness of it all has worn off? What healthy habits have you been able to incorporate into your daily routine? If your answers...

Love Yourself Enough to STICK To Your Goals | My Top Tips

I hope this email finds you well as the month of love (for yourself and others!) begins. February means so many different things to different people, but I know that for a lot of you, it means working hard to stay disciplined in your fitness routine once the initial...

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