Your Journey to Health and Wellness

We’re off to the races with 2017! How are you doing with your health and wellness goals so far this year? If you’re looking to continue on a path of improvement, check out the information below, covering fitness, food and fending off seasonal illnesses. We also have the details on two events you won’t want to miss this month.


Exercise of the Month: Burpees

Burpees target all of the major muscle groups in the body. Plus, it’s an effective exercise when you don’t have a lot of time to do a workout. Here’s how to do a burpee:

  1. Stand up
  2. SIt into a squat
  3. Kick back your feet so you assume a push-up position
  4. Lower your chest and thighs so they touch the ground
  5. Push up with your arms
  6. Return your feet to a squat position
  7. Jump up
  8. Repeat!


Expert Advice: How to Gain Weight

Did you do a double take when you read that headline? Being familiar with habits that can lead to weight gain is crucial for learning how you can maintain a healthy weight. Bonnie from London Wellness shared with us these three habits for gaining weight or holding onto those extra pounds:

  1. Going on a low-fat diet – The highly processed carbs you probably replaced fats with are quickly digested and raise your blood sugar, triggering the release of insulin, an anabolic hormone that signals your body to store fat.

  2. Sleeping too little or too much – There’s a magic amount of sleep required by most people to support hormones that control our weight. Less than six hours or more than eight hours have both been shown to breakdown muscle, build fat and affect the hormones leptin and ghrelin, which control our appetites.

  3. Skipping meals – Skipping meals is linked with a significantly increased risk of obesity, especially when the skipped meal is breakfast. When you go for hours without eating, you overcompensate with increased hunger at your next meal. Plus, more calories from that later meal are stored as fat due to an increased release of insulin.

Avoiding the Wheezes and the Sneezes

You’ve probably noticed or experienced it already yourself – cold and flu season is in full swing. But never fear, BeFit SRQ has just the thing to help. doTERRA On Guard Protecting Throat Drops are an all-natural potent addition to your defensive health strategy. Protect against seasonal and environmental threats with these drops that help calm and soothe dry, scratchy throats and help promote healthy immune system function. Pick up a bag of On Guard Protecting Throat Drops the next time you’re in the studio for $20.


Our Clients are Talking

“Yoga with Mary Kane at BeFit SRQ is a great way to spend an hour. Mary is warm, welcoming and calming, and she has a beautiful smile and soul. The class size is always small, and Mary is able to tune into each student’s individual needs and abilities. She makes you feel like you’re the only one in the class! It’s like you’re having a private, one-on-one session. After ever class, I walk away feeling relaxed, calm and refocused, able to face any stress that may cross my path.”

~Kate Grayson, President & CEO of Steelgate Inc.



What Are You Waiting For? It’s Yoga Time!

You’ve heard directly from Kate about how much she likes Mary’s yoga class, so now is the time to sign up for a class at the BeFit SRQ studio. Mary’s semi-private ashtanga gentle flow yoga class is held every Wednesday at noon. If you’ve never done yoga before, no worries! Come to this class, and we’ll make you feel right at home. And if a private session is more your speed, Mary teaches one-on-one classes, too.  


On Your Mark, Get Set, Go

This is one race not to miss! The Oscar Scherer State Park Scrub-jay 5/10K race on Saturday, February 11, is a great experience for people of all ages. Compete for awards and have fun running, walking or strolling along paved roads, the Legacy Trail, sandy tracks and grass tracks at Oscar Scherer State Park. Register now at

 You can also enjoy exploring Burns Court on February 10 during the area’s Sip, Shop and Stroll event. This second Friday of the month occasion invites you to explore the diverse stores and boutiques of Burns Courts from 5 to 8 p.m. while enjoying drinks and snacks.

We hope you’ll join us!

This Valentine’s Day, Give Healing

During the month of February, if you purchase an acupuncture or a cupping treatment session, you’ll get a free B12 shot. Florida-licensed acupuncture physician Dr. Hsin Hsin Hu can help you give your sweetie the gift of healing this Valentine’s Day! Call 941-587-6311 for more information or to schedule a session. 

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