Does Summer Suit You?

Summer is here — and so are the swim suits. Let BeFit SRQ help you get the beach body you always wanted!

If you think you’re too busy and don’t have enough time to exercise, don’t worry. BeFit SRQ takes the headache out of your workout. We offer 30-minute total body workouts customized just for you. These workouts focus on strength training and building lean muscle. The result? A sleeker, leaner, more defined body. And the confidence to wear your swim suit with pride!


Exercise of the Month: Beat the Heat Indoors

It’s hot, hot, hot! This time of year, it can be just too hot to exercise outdoors. You can beat the heat by taking it indoors with these exercises!

Here are some tips for successful exercising during the heat of the summer:

1) Walk around the mall, in and out of all the shops

2) Walk up and down the aisles in the grocery store

3) Go dancing

4) Hit the pool

5) Jump rope

6) Clean the house

7) Shorten your workouts outside

8) Hydrate more

9) Go to the gym

10) Get a personal trainer and work out at BeFit SRQ

Schedule your free assessment at BeFit SRQ today and get started beating the heat!


Nutrition Tip



Oh Baby, This is New!

The doTERRA line of essential oils has just introduced its new baby collection. These products are a safe, effective, natural way to cleanse, moisturize and care for your baby. The calming blend of essential oils will leave your baby — and even big kids — with a light, clean scent. The collection includes Baby Hair & Body Wash, Baby Lotion and Baby Diaper Rash Cream.


It’s Sunny Out There

Sand, sun and summer are here. Protect your skin from the sun with BloqUV. This chemical-free sun protective lifestyle apparel brand blocks 98% of the sun’s rays (UPF50). Plus, since UV chemicals aren’t added, the UV protection doesn’t wash away with launderings. The fabrics also have moisture-wicking and quick-dry properties. And to top it all off, the shirts are extremely lightweight and made of soft fabric in a rainbow of colors. What’s not to like? Pick out your favorite piece of clothing today at the studio.


Five Ways to Push Past Your Plateau

Have you hit a plateau in your fitness journey? It can happen. Here are five ways to push past it:

  1. Keep a food journal
  2. Log your workouts
  3. Limit stress
  4. Remember your “why”
  5. Use visualization techniques

There’s no shortage of advice on how to lose weight, not to mention how to break through a weight-loss plateau.

If you’ve ever gone camping in the wilderness where bears are known to roam about, no doubt you’ve heard plenty of advice on how to behave should you encounter one. Park rangers will instruct you to play dead. Locals will insist that you should shout and make lots of noise. Your camping buddy will joke that all they have to do is outrun you and they’ll be fine.

If the bear is your weight-loss plateau, instead of getting three different pieces of advice from three different people, the best weapon you can bring against it is knowledge, so that when the time comes, your moment of panic or boredom or stagnant weight loss is finite.

Plateaus are frustrating, but they can also be motivating, and most importantly, they can be overcome. They force us to remember why we are trying to accomplish our goal in the first place. With what you know about plateaus now, make your plan today and be prepared when your plateau hits so you can tackle it head on.

If you want more data to help you create a personalized fitness plan to push past plateaus, schedule an InBody 570 assessment at the studio.


Celebrate Summer

The Sarasota Slam fishing tournament will take place this year from August 1 to 4. There are several divisions, including Billfish, Wahoo, Tuna, Grouper, Snapper, Trout, Redfish, Offshore and Inshore Divisions. Marina Jack in downtown Sarasota is home base for this fun tournament benefitting Harvest House.

The end of summer 5K on August 7 is the last beach run of the summer. Come savor the sand and surf on Siesta Key at 6:30 p.m.

There’s no better way to celebrate summer in Sarasota than by getting outdoors, enjoying nature and being active!

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