Let BeFit SRQ Help You Crush Your New Year’s Goals

You’ve set some ambitious goals for 2018. We know your New Year’s Resolutions include exercising more and generally being healthier. Do you have a plan for how to accomplish those resolutions? A key way to tackle them is by coming to BeFit SRQ.

If you think you’ll be way too busy in 2018 to even think about adding exercise to your schedule, think again. BeFit SRQ offers 30-minute total body workouts that are customized just for you. The workouts focus on strength training, building lean muscle and creating a sleeker, leaner, more defined you.

Why You Should Come to BeFit SRQ in the New Year

Here are just some of the reasons why you should make BeFit SRQ workouts part of your routine in 2018:

  • You’ll receive exclusive weekly workouts from Michele that will help you build your best – and strongest – body ever.
  • You’ll get tips for healthy eating that won’t make you miserable.
  • You’ll build stronger bones.
  • You’ll sleep better.
  • You’ll have more energy.
  • You’ll have improved posture.
  • You’ll lower your blood pressure.
  • You’ll take a key step in tackling your get-healthy goal.

What BeFit SRQ Clients Have to Say

Start the New Year Right With Essential Oils

Have you been wondering what all the essential oil buzz is about? The benefits of essential oils are endless – from reducing anxiety and boosting energy to improving digestion and reducing pain. If you want to learn more about how essential oils can help you, call BeFit SRQ for a consultation today.

Every Month is Sun Safety Month

Living in Florida, it’s important to keep your skin protected from the sun’s harmful rays throughout the year, even during the winter months. One easy way to protect your skin is by wearing BloqUV sun protective apparel. This chemical-free clothing blocks 98% of the sun’s rays, and the protection doesn’t wash away in the laundry. Come browse the BloqUV clothing we have at BeFit SRQ in a rainbow of colors.

3 Reasons to Have Your Body Composition Tested

BeFit SRQ has an innovative tool for assessing body composition. Here’s why you should book an appointment today to find out what your body composition is:

  1. Determine if you’re skinny fat. People sometimes assume skinny people are healthy. That’s not always true. The term “skinny fat” describes people who are thin but who have more fat and less muscle than is recommended. They have the same health risks as a person who is obese.

  2. Stay motivated and reach your goals. Knowing your body composition can motivate you to decrease your body fat percentage and increase your muscle mass.

  3. Body mass index isn’t everything. BMI doesn’t factor in muscle or fat mass, just your height and weight.

By knowing more about your body, you’ll be armed with the facts you need to become a better version of you this year.

Enjoy the Beauty of the Natural World This January

The Orchid Show and Sale is put on every year by the Sarasota Orchid Society. Come to the Municipal Auditorium on January 6 and 7 to see beautiful orchids, buy some of your own and take classes to improve your orchid-growing skills.

The Ringling Bridge is known as one of the main symbols of Sarasota. The 15th Annual Sarasota YMCA Ringling Bridge Run is your chance to enjoy the bridge and Sarasota’s waterfront during a 4-mile road race, including a 1-mile fun run or walk. The race is on January 13, and afterward, participants are invited to a family festival.

Downtown Sarasota is also the site of the 6th Annual Sarasota Winter Fine Arts Festival. The event on January 13 and 14 gives you the chance to find inspiring new pieces of art for your home or office or art you can give as gifts.

Here’s to a fun and fit 2018!

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