It’s finally time to say “goodbye” to 2020 and welcome 2021. No matter how challenging this year has been, focusing on our goals is the best way to move forward. As we begin a new year, let’s bring strength and movement front and center as we better ourselves from the inside out.

Get stronger in 2021 by building foundational strength, the kind that will get you through your everyday life.
Try using the following exercises to increase strength and movement this year:
●     Glue Bridge
●     Bodyweight Squat
●     Basic Push-Up
●     Overhead Shoulder Press
●     Dumbbell Bench Press
For instructions on how to do each of these exercises and to find even more moves to build strength and movement this year, click here.
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Glute Bridge

Bodyweight Squat

 Basic Push-Up

 Overhead Shoulder Press

 Dumbbell Bench Press

Healthy Eats for the New Year 

Some of the toughest times to stick to a healthy meal plan are the busiest moments in your day. For you, maybe it’s breakfast as the morning rush pushes you right out the door. Maybe it’s also the afternoon when you’re hard at work and need a quick pick-me-up snack.
No matter the time of day, homemade smoothies and juices are the perfect (quick) dose of nutrients you need. Check out the recipes below for a couple of simple and delicious ideas:
●     One and a half cups of frozen raspberries
●     One and a half cups of frozen strawberries
●     One cup of frozen blackberries
●     One cup of baby spinach
●     Two cups of coconut milk
●     Coconut flakes (for garnish)
Simply blend all ingredients (except for coconut) together, pour into glasses, top with coconut shreds, and enjoy!

● One cup of frozen mango
● One & a half cups of baby spinach
● One banana
● Juice of one lemon
Simply blend, pour, and sip these delicious drinks!

Start the Year with Healthy Habits

Are you working on improving your overall health in 2021? doTERRA’s got a kit to help you do just that!
The doTERRA Healthy Habits Kit comes with On Guard oil blend for immune support, Balance oil blend for tranquility and relaxation, Frankincense oil for overall wellness, Lemon oil for cleaning, digestive, and respiratory support, Lavender for calming purposes and skin solutions, Deep Blue Rub for sore muscles, as well as a variety of daily vitamins such as the doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack, and the Digestzen Supplement Pack.
Using these oils and supplements will help keep you healthy while giving you natural solutions to challenges you may face throughout the year.
You can view the full kit and place your order by clicking here.

Bloquv All Year Long

Did you know there are multiple benefits to continuing to wear your Bloquv clothing during the winter? 
Hitting the slopes this season, don’t forget your skin still needs protection from those bright UV rays (especially since high altitude and reflective surfaces, such as snow and ice, cause these rays to shine down even stronger).
You can learn more about wearing Bloquv during the winter here, or stop by to check out the clothing in person.
Don’t forget, we’re still offering 25% off our Bloquv products at BeFit SRQ!

New Year, No Pain

If you’ve still got some nagging pain from a past injury, arthritis, or almost any other cause, Laser Therapy can help.
We’re currently offering $25 off Laser Therapy sessions, making it the perfect time to give this painless and benefit-filled treatment style a try.
Contact us today if Laser Therapy sounds like it could be right for you.

2021 Fun

Check out the events below for some entertaining ways to get out and about in the new year:
If you need a place to let loose and celebrate this month, the Burger and Beer Festival is a perfect way to do so. It’s taking place on January 23rd and 24th, 11 AM-5 PM. Just remember to get right back on track with your healthy eating when you leave!

This exhibit featuring German artist Janaina Tschäpe is filled with calming paintings, drawings, sculptures, and more. The overall theme is captivating as each piece fits into the puzzle, and the landscapes slowly change from land to water to outer space.
The incredible exhibit will be open from now until May 2nd, 2021 at the Sarasota Art Museum. You can learn more about the talented artist and her pieces on display by clicking here.

Experience Outdoor Art
The Photo Fence is still covered in amazing photos at Nathan Benderson Park, and it’s a viewing you won’t want to miss. Embracing Differences at Bayfront Park is a meaningful sight to see as well.
2020 may have been tough, but we’re strong enough to take on 2021 with a goal to grow. Let’s place our focus on moving forward, increasing strength, and overall movement as we go. It’s key to good fitness and health, and it’ll help us enjoy this new year (no matter what it may bring).
If you need help reaching your fitness goals in 2021, come see me at BeFit SRQ!



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