Go from Workout to Cookout this Fourth of July

Summer is here! The fireworks are almost ready to light up the sky for the Fourth of July, and it’s time to let BeFITSRQ help you get that beach body you’ve always wanted.

If you think you’re too busy and you don’t have time to work out, think again. BeFit SRQ will create a 30-minute total body workout just for you. Here’s what our workouts will do:

  • Focus you on strength training
  • Build your lean muscle
  • Help you become a sleeker, leaner, more defined version of yourself

Trust me, it’s the perfect workout. Just show up and see what BeFITSRQ can do for you.

Exercise of the Month: Get Up and Move!

On Facebook, I’m always telling people to “Get up and move!” It’s a simple piece of advice, but it’s powerful. Here are some tips to get you moving your body throughout the day:

  1. If you’re a walker, walk faster.

  2. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

  3. Add 10 or 15 minutes of walking to your lunch hour.

  4. If you sit all day at your job, get up every hour and do 10 squats and 10 jumping jacks.

  5. At work, stand more and alternate high knee.

  6. Clean the house. Sweeping or vacuuming the floors burns 119 to 136 calories per 30 minutes. Mopping burns more — 187 calories per 30 minutes.

  7. Dance.

  8. If you’re watching TV, get up during the commercials and jog in place.

  9. Do lawn work. Mowing the lawn with a push mover burns roughly 200 calories per 30 minutes. Raking leaves burns 150 calories per 30 minutes.

  10. Drink more water so you’ll have to get up and go to the bathroom!

Nutrition Tip: Perfect Portions

If I could teach people just one thing about nutrition, it would be this: larger portions have more calories. Research repeatedly confirms that larger food servings not only provide more calories but also have two other effects. They encourage people to eat more and they make people underestimate how much they are eating. So the next time you’re getting ready to eat, pay attention to the size of your portions. 


Release the Healing Powers

A key way to enjoy your doTERRA essential oils is by diffusing them. My new favorite diffuser is the sprout diffuser. Here’s how it works: there’s a wick inside that goes into a bottle of essential oil. It releases a fine mist of oil through a sprout at the top of the device.

You can use the sprout diffuser with so many different doTERRA oils, from lavender to rosemary to everything in between. Use it in your bedroom, your bathroom or at your desk. Come into the studio to get your own today! 

Put Your Sunnies On

Summer, sand and sun — it’s all here. Protect your skin from the sun with BloqUV sun protective apparel. It’s a chemical-free sun protective lifestyle apparel brand that blocks 98% of sun’s rays (UPF50). Since UV chemicals aren’t added, UV protection doesn’t wash away with launderings. Plus, the soft fabric has moisture-wicking and quick-dry properties. Now is the time to add one of these lightweight shirts to your summer wardrobe. Come check out the rainbow of color options we have in the studio.


5 Fat-Loss Myths That Are Wasting Your Time and Energy

Making a change in body composition comes down to two different goals: losing fat mass and gaining lean body mass. Everyone has a different body composition, so people will have to focus on these goals differently, but at the end of the day, everyone has to work on them to change their composition.

Of the two goals, the discussions surrounding fat loss seem to fall victim to more myths, pseudoscience and full-blown quackery. That’s because there’s a hard truth about losing fat that few people want to hear: if you want to lose fat mass, you need to be in a caloric deficit. That means eating less than your body demands, increasing your energy output or probably both, and it’s going to take longer than you might want.

Here are five key myths surrounding fat loss:

  1. To lose fat, all you have to do is work out.
  2. If you eat at night, you get fat. 
  3. You can go on a detox, juice cleanse or juice fast to lose fat.
  4. You have to go on a low-fat diet to lose fat.
  5. You can burn fat by targeting it with exercise.

Almost everyone has some fat they’d like to lose. Having extra fat on your frame can be very frustrating because it can significantly influence your appearance, how your clothes fit and your health. That’s why it’s so tempting to believe one or more of these fat-loss myths. They’re easy to believe in, and they promise results if you believe and follow them.

Unfortunately, if you try to lose fat by following these or other myths you may have heard of, it’s going to take much longer for you to lose it. Don’t waste your time. To lose fat, stick to the basics — stick to what’s been proven over and over again in scientific literature. Proper diet and exercise might not sound like a fast and easy way to go, but there’s a reason why any trainer, nutritionist or researcher worth their title will tell you to do it: because it works.

When you hear something about fat loss that sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Stick to the basics and you will see results. Schedule your body composition at BeFit SRQ today so you know where you stand and where to start on your fat-loss journey. 


Happy Birthday America!

Celebrate America’s independence a day early on July 3 at Nathan Benderson Park! This fun event pairs a variety of musical groups with stunning fireworks. Bring a picnic and enjoy it all with friends and family on the grass. The gates open at 4 p.m., and you can sit back and relax until the fireworks start at 9:30 a.m.


If you’re more in the mood for an active night on July 3, head out to the fifth Summer Beach Run of the year put on by the Manasota Track Club. From 7 to 8 p.m. at Siesta Key Beach, you can take part in a nice run in the sand with fellow Sarasotans who are enjoying the summer in their hometown.

Here’s to a happy Fourth for all! 



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