Summertime and the Living is Easy

Mayday! Mayday! Summertime is almost here, but don’t be distressed – BeFit SRQ is on deck for you! In this newsletter, we have all the news you can use, from the exercise of the month to great ways to beat the summer bugs and heat. We hope you have a great summer! 


Exercise of the Month: Biceps and Triceps

With summer right around the corner, it’s time to work those arms and go sleeveless. This month, we’re focusing on biceps and triceps. So what do those muscles do, you ask? Biceps flex the arm when you lift something heavy. They also help rotate the forearm (tennis, anyone?). Triceps work with the muscles in your back (latissimus dorsi) to extend your shoulders when you do a pushup.

Study the diagram below and do hammer curls and tricep kickbacks. Try them back to back and feel the results!

If you’re a beginner, do two sets for 30 seconds. If you’re at the intermediate level, try four sets for 30 seconds. If you’re advanced, do six sets for 30 seconds. 


Natural Necessities

Our BeFit SRQ hand sanitizer made with doTERRA On Guard is perfect for all those times when you need to freshen up. Keep a bottle of this hand sanitizer made with doTERRA On Guard in your purse, car and office.

We also carry an all-natural mosquito and bug spray made with lemongrass and lavender essential oil. Use this DEET-free, homemade bug repellent to keep mosquitos and ticks away all summer long. Why not use beneficial essential oils instead of harmful chemicals? 


Get Your Yoga On

Do you want to challenge your body? Yoga can condition the human body in many ways. Turn to yoga to increase your ability to focus on the present, build core strength and improve flexibility.

Take Mary’s semi-private ashtanga gentle flow yoga class at BeFit SRQ. She teaches every Wednesday at noon. 


 Here’s What a BeFit SRQ Client Has to Say

Be Safe in the Sun

May is Melanoma awareness month, so we wanted to tell you about one of the best ways to prevent skin cancer and protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays. BeFit SRQ carries BloqUV sun protective clothing for all of your outdoor athletic endeavors. This clothing is made with soft, chemical-free fabric that comes in a rainbow of colors.

An average white cotton shirt only has a UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) of 5. BloqUV guarantees their shirts have a minimum UPF of 50. That means it’s blocking 98 percent of the sun’s rays. 


Body Knowledge is Power

Have you experienced the InBody 570 yet? The InBody 570 is a cutting-edge tool that goes beyond traditional body composition analysis. Get an InBody assessment today at BeFit SRQ. Just schedule an appointment and soon you’ll be armed with body data that will help you work toward the results want. 

Come One, Come All

Join us for the Burns Court Sip, Shop and Stroll event on Friday, May 12. It’s an evening full of the best things in life! We’ll be there, will you?

Another event to mark down on your calendars is the Sup and Run 5K at Nathan Benderson Park on May 20. One of the three races at this event is a fun combo – running the 5K and then jumping on a paddleboard for a 5K paddle around the park. Don’t wait, register today. What a perfect way to spend a summer Saturday!


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