As we move further into the new year and new decade, those New Year’s Resolutions may seem to be slipping away. At BeFit SRQ, we are here to help you carry your goals through every season. Contact us for a personalized, 30-minute session and we’ll dedicate ourselves to helping you stay on track. 

Exercise of the Month: Squat, Bicep Curl, and Press
This month, get your whole body moving with this simple yet effective exercise: Squat, Bicep Curl, and Press.
Get your dumbbells in hand and begin by standing with your feet underneath your hips. Lower your body into a squat, and remember to press down through your heels and not let your knees pass your toes as you bring your thighs as close to “parallel to the ground” as possible.
As you stand back up, lift your dumbbells to your shoulders for a bicep curl.
Instead of bringing your arms back down, move them upward from your shoulders until they are fully extended in an overhead press. Be sure to keep your torso stable during this move.
Bring your arms back down to your sides slowly, and repeat 10-15 times.

Bringing Healthy Snacking Into 2020

If you’re looking for a sweet treat this Valentine’s Day, keep your health and wellness goals a priority and indulge in this guilt-free, love day recipe:
Two-Ingredient Chocolate Fruit Truffles
●     Dark Chocolate
●     Cut Fruit
To make this treat, simply melt dark chocolate (either on the stovetop or in the microwave) and dip your cut fruit into it. Let the chocolate-covered fruit dry, and enjoy! To make your truffles even more special, consider cutting the fruit into hearts and topping them with sprinkles of cocoa or drizzles of melted white chocolate.
View the whole recipe here.

Beautycounter: Changing The Cosmetic Industry For The Better

Every month, we bring a high-quality, Beautycounter skincare product to the newsletter to share with you. This month, we want to share some of the great things that happen behind the scenes of this company.
Beautycounter is dedicated to changing the cosmetic industry for the better. One area they are making a significant difference is Mica. Mica is a natural mineral that is often used to put sparkle or shimmer in makeup products.
Unfortunately, Mica is not often a responsibly sourced product. Child labor and forced labor, wage theft, corruption, and ignorance are all a part of the Mica mining industry. Beautycounter is bringing this issue into the light and doing what they can to eradicate it.
For now, Beautycounter sources Mica responsibly within the United States for use in their own products. For the Mica that is still being mined in harmful ways around the world, they are bringing awareness and doing what they can to support the communities and people involved.

Beautycounter In Hollywood

These products do good and look good at the same time; they were even used by celebrities at big events in recent months. Annette Benning was spotted with a natural glam Beautycounter look at the Golden Globes, and Mandy Moore had a beautiful look with the same clean products at the Critics’ Choice awards.

Love Is In The Air With doTERRA

Bring these sweet, natural smells to your space this month as you celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Can Deep Tissue Laser Therapy Make A Difference In Your Life?

If you’re living with pain and sitting out of activities you’d love to be a part of, we may be able to help. Deep Tissue Laser Therapy gets you back to doing what you love as fast as possible. It’s done in painless, 5-10 minute sessions and provides both immediate and long-term results.
This form of therapy can help you get back to your sport after an injury, or it can simply help you lessen pain and regain the mobility you deserve. It reduces pain levels, inflammation, and healing time, and can help with a variety of conditions, including cervical, lumbar, and sciatic pain, muscle pain, lower extremity pain, foot pain, and joint pain (ankles, wrists, elbows, and knees).
See the image below for more Deep Tissue Laser Therapy uses.

Out and About this Month

Get your body moving and join in on the fun at these active and exciting community events:
Get your steps in as you check out the history of these beautiful cars at Sarasota Classic Car Museum’s newest, limited-time exhibit. It features both the life and work of Ferdinand Porsche and Enzo Ferrari with 24 awe-striking, iconic vehicles.
See more information here.

Challenge yourself with a different workout and race your neighbors in the distance of your choosing. This race will feature live music along the course, a post-race brunch, a beer mile, lawn parties, an after-party, and of course, a t-shirt and medal to show off what you accomplish.
You can see more information about the race here.

Get outside and stroll down Main Street as it is transformed into a world of masterpieces. This show will cover 5 city blocks, and will feature artists from both regional and national locations. You’ll see paintings, statues, jewelry, photography, and more as you explore what these talented artists have in store.
Learn more about this event here.

Superhero 5k and Fun Run
February 15

Grab your cape and superhero costume, and get moving with a 5K or 1 mile fun run as you support a great cause. This race, put on by Bridge a Life, supports local foster care children and provides you and your family with a fun and active outing at the same time. There will be food, superhero-themed music, a fun run for the kids, awards, and even a costume contest.
See more about this race here.
As you work toward your goals this month, remember we’re here to help. Whether you’re looking to heal a bothersome injury, eat a healthier diet, or commit to a new exercise goal, we’ll help you stay on track and support you every step of the way.

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