It’s almost time for our kids to head back to school! With this time of the year comes a ton of routine, and it’s much easier if we’re ready for it when it starts to hit. Let’s prepare ourselves now, so we can keep healthy living a priority — even when our schedules become fuller than we prefer.

Exercise of the Month

Back to school doesn’t have to mean the end of your exercise routine. Keep these four tips in mind while you aim to include movement in your busy days:

  1. Choose workouts you enjoy — It’s much easier to find the motivation when you’re doing something you love.
  2. Schedule out every minute — You only need 20-30 minutes to squeeze in a quick workout. Have time before the kids wake up or before they get off the bus? Make it count!
  3. Meal Prep — Having healthy meals ready for you means less takeout and more nutrients entering your body every single day, no matter how crazy it may be.
  4. Try a fitness class — When people are expecting you to show up (and when you don’t have to think of workouts on your own) it’s much easier to stay motivated and get things done.

Zucchini Recipes for Everyone

When you don’t have as much time to cook elaborate meals, using nutrient-dense ingredients can help. Did you know zucchini is packed with health benefits?

Zucchini has quite an impressive nutritional scoreboard – from high levels of potassium B-vitamins, dietary fiber, and antioxidants, all of which offer high benefits to our overall health.

It’s shown that eating zucchini regularly in place of processed carbohydrates (such as bread) can even help regulate our blood sugar levels, which can greatly benefit diabetics.

Eating zucchini several times a week can help us with our weight loss goals.

Zucchini is extremely low in calories but gives us the feeling of being full. Therefore, it is a great way to satisfy our appetites without grabbing lots of empty calories or carbs.

Check out these awesome zucchini recipes to include the superfood in your meal prep this fall.

Essential Oils for Back to School Support

No matter what the back-to-school struggle is, there’s a good chance doTERRA’s essential oils can help. The new portable Pilot diffuser can bring these benefits everywhere you go, too.

Bloquv Protects the Skin from UV Rays

We’ve been talking all about Bloquv, but do their products truly work?

Bloquv clothing has UV-blockers sewn directly into the fabric. It also has tighter weaves than the average shirt material, providing better UPF coverage and ensuring your skin is even safer than it would be with sunscreen applied.

Their clothing is lightweight and moisture-wicking, allowing you to comfortably cover up even in the intense Florida heat.

Their products are tested by color as well as in wet and dry conditions, so you can be sure you’re getting the best possible protection from harmful UV rays.

You can learn more about the incredible quality and protective features of Bloquv in this article.

Lightforce Laser Therapy

Have you been wondering if laser therapy is right for you? If you’re experiencing pain, there’s a good chance this painless, non-invasive treatment option can help:

Exciting Upcoming Events

There’s plenty of fun to be had before school begins again! Check out these local happenings to enjoy the rest of this year’s summer break:

Siesta Sprint Triathlon
Get ready to run, bike, and swim on Sunday, August 1st with this fun but challenging race. Plenty of distances are available to choose from to suit your current fitness capabilities.

Learn more about the race and save your spot by clicking here.

Summer Circus Spectacular
From July 30th until August 15th, The Ringling and the Circus Arts Conservatory will be partnering to put on an incredible circus show. Bring the whole family along, and be ready to enjoy thrilling acts from artists around the world.

Find details on showtimes and ticket purchases here.

Summer Movie Nights at Cool Today Park
Two family movie nights will be taking place this month — Tom and Jerry on August 11th and Jumanji on August 25th. Stop by with friends and family to enjoy a summer evening, tasty snacks, and a good show.

You can learn more by following this link.

No matter how crazy back to school time maybe, let’s make the best of it. Stick to your exercise routine, keep healthy meals on the table, and enjoy the time as best you can. Don’t forget we’re here to support you however we can!

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