Can you believe 2020 is nearing its end? It’s been far different than any other year, but we’re pushing through it together. Let’s stay on track with our workouts throughout the upcoming Holidays, getting closer to our fitness goals and growing stronger mentally so we’re able to face any challenge that may come our way.

Exercise of the Month:
Fat Burning Strength and Cardio Circuit
As you enjoy this season with your loved ones (and maybe indulge in your favorite treats a bit more than normal), try out this fat burning cardio workout to keep your exercise goals on track. You’ll need dumbbells, a step or bench, an exercise ball, and a mat. If you’ve got a weight lifting bar, you can put that to good use as well (though dumbbells will be just fine if you don’t).

Begin by warming up with 5-10 minutes of light cardio. Then, work through the movements explained below for 1-2 circuits, taking breaks when you need them. Try to use challenging weights, and keep moving the entire time! Even when you’re tired, keep those legs going by walking in place.
Circuit One
  • Step-Ups
  • Split Squats
  • Plank Knee Press on Exercise Ball
  • 3 Minutes Cardio (High Intensity)

Circuit Two
  • Ball Push Ups
  • Squat Overhead Press
  • Ball Crunches
  • 3 Minutes Cardio (High Intensity)

Circuit Three
  • Deadlifts (Bent Knee)
  • Barbell Rows
  • Ball Pikes
  • 3 Minutes Cardio (High Intensity)

Circuit Four
  • Incline Bicep Curls
  • Tricep Dips
  • Knee Tucks
  • 3 Minutes Cardio (High Intensity)
Have fun with this workout and push yourself to reach your goals! For more information on these circuits, as well as tutorials for each specific exercise, click here.

Enjoy the Season with Holiday Sweets

After this unprecedented year, we could all use something a little extra sweet. Try out the recipe below for a delicious Holiday treat. You can find the full recipe, as well as 9 more healthy Holiday cookie recipes, by clicking here.

Soft (and Nutritious) Gingerbread Cookies

  • ½ C.Brown Sugar
  • ¼ C. Almond Butter
  • ¼ C. Molasses
  • 1 Egg
  • 2 Tbsp. Butter
  • 2 Tbsp. Applesauce
  • 1 ¼ C. Flour
  • ½ C. Wheat Flour
  • ½ Tsp. Baking Soda
  • 2 Tsp. Ground Ginger
  • 1 Tsp. Cinnamon
  • 1 Tsp. All Spice
  • ¼ Tsp. Salt
Step 1: Whisk together egg, brown sugar, almond butter, molasses, butter (melted), and applesauce.
Step 2: Add remaining dry ingredients and mix until well combined. Form dough into a ball shape and wrap in plastic wrap. Chill for 1 hour or longer, preferably overnight.
Step 3: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees and remove dough from the fridge. Flatten the dough with a rolling pin until it’s approximately ¼ inch thick. Cut 25-35 gingerbread men with cookie cutters and place on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Sprinkle with sugar if desired.
Step 4: Bake for 8 minutes, let stand for 2-3 minutes and transfer cookies to a cooling rack until they are ready to store or eat.

Gift doTERRA and $ave

If you’re looking for a natural gift that can serve many purposes in the home, you’ll love doTERRA essential oils. Don’t forget to shop Michelle’s link (here) to save 25% off your purchase!

From specialty hot cocoa to ancient oils and self-care products, doTERRA has something for everyone on your list in their incredible Holiday Offers.

Give the Gift of Clean Beauty 

It’s time to experience Beautycounter’s Holiday products! Whether you’re wanting to treat yourself or you want to give the gift of natural, stunning skin products, there’s something for you in this incredible collection. Beautycounter’s packaging is so gorgeous, all you’ll need to do is throw a bow on top to create the perfect present.

The Clean Deos Minis are at the top of our list for Holiday gifting. This set comes with four miniature deodorants with clean and effective ingredients. The deodorants are aluminum free and long lasting. You won’t be able to get enough of their incredible scents (Fresh Coconut, Clean Rose, Fresh Lavender, and Crisp Sequoia).

Give these as a gift to a loved one who enjoys trying the latest natural trends, or gift them to yourself “just because.”

Don’t forget to save 10% off your first order with the code changebeauty10.

Save on Bloquv this Holiday Season

Make sure you and your loved ones have comfortable and convenient sun protection throughout this Holiday season with Bloquv.

Stop into BeFit SRQ to save 25% off Bloquv products for gift giving or for yourself.

Incredible Laser Therapy Deals

If you’ve been thinking about giving Laser Therapy a try, now’s the time. Contact us today to schedule a session for just $25.

Don’t forget that pain-free living can be gifted, too! If you’ve got a loved one who could benefit from Laser Therapy, give a gift card to get them started.

Exciting Holiday Events

The Holiday season is in full bloom! Check out the fun and festive events below to get out and about during this special time.

Take a stroll through Selby Gardens and experience the 2 million+ lights that cover the grounds. The walkways have even been turned into lit tunnels for an added magical feel.

See all the details about this incredible event here.

For a fun way to stay active this season, check out the Yoga and Meditation sessions offered at The Ringling. Expert instructors will lead you through gentle movements and calming breathing techniques while you take in the incredible waterfront view.

Find more information about the various sessions and save your spot here.

NBP Lanterns on the Lake
Reserve your place in this incredible event to have a chance to release your cares, hopes, memories, and feelings out onto the lake while viewing the incredible sight of lanterns gracefully floating off into the distance.
Learn more about this event and sign up to save your spot by clicking here.
Even though it’s been a very different year than what we’re used to, we’ve got so much to be thankful for. Let’s look forward to enjoying an incredible Holiday season while keeping our health and wellness goals front and center.





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