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New Year, New Decade, New You!

The New Year always brings excitement and refound motivation to better ourselves and our lifestyles. This year, we are not only getting a new year but a whole new decade! Let’s use this new beginning to move toward the life we’ve been desiring. Set a few goals for yourself, and begin to work toward them through small steps. Before you know it, you’ll be bringing a happier, healthier version of yourself into the 20’s.Some goals you may want to consider include finding more time for exercise, eating healthier, or removing unhealthy, chemical-filled products from your self-care routine or your home entirely.One of the best ways to reach your goals is to start with small, realistic changes. Start by committing to walking around your block each day or getting out of the house one evening to attend an active event. Replace one product in your self-care routine with a more natural product or remove a toxin-filled medicine from your cabinet and replace it with something made with high-quality ingredients. Stop ignoring the pain you’ve faced for years, and seek the treatment your body deserves. Making even one of these changes is a huge step toward a healthier life, and we are here to support you and cheer you on through every small change you make. Exercise of the Month: Consistency This month, we don’t have a specific exercise for you to try. Instead, we want you to create a plan for yourself and be consistent in whatever you choose. We want you to find an area of fitness you’d like to improve on and take a small step toward reaching that goal.Start by writing out a S.M.A.R.T. goal for your new year (and new decade). Making your goal Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-Bound, causes you to be significantly more likely to stick to it.Then, come up with the exercise you’d like to begin. Maybe you want to master the simple squat and allow this exercise to benefit your lower body in a way it never has before. Perhaps you’ll commit to getting enough water in each day, or simply standing more often than you sit. You may want to commit to bringing a simple piece of workout equipment with you when you travel, so those business trips can’t set you back anymore.You can see more ideas, like the ones we’ve mentioned above, for your beginning fitness goal here. Bringing Healthy Snacking Into 2020 If nutrition is one of your top priorities while moving into the new year and new decade, one area to focus on is snacking. Snacking can make or break diets, but it’s such a simple fix when you take time to plan your between-meal food intake thoughtfully.When snacking, protein is essential to consider as it fills you up and provides your body with the energy you need to push through your day. A few simple, high protein snacks include dry, roasted nuts, fat-free, plain Greek yogurt, and low fat cottage cheese. You can view more great, high-protein snack choices here. Cleaning Up Your Skincare Routine If you’re currently using typical drugstore skincare essentials, switching to a more natural product line can do wonders for your skin and overall health. BeautyCounter’s Counter+ Lotus Glow Cleansing Balm has everything you need to make the switch. This multi-tasking cleansing balm, perfect for day and night use, hydrates while it cleanses, removing makeup and impurities with nourishing ingredients that won’t strip away your skin’s natural moisture. (Bonus: it can also be used as a mask for a hydrating overnight facial.)  Cleaning Up Your Medicine Cabinet Your medicine cabinet is a great place to look when bringing more natural products into your home as well. Luckily, many products can be replaced with something that does the same job but made with much fewer chemicals.Neosporin, for example, can be replaced with doTERRA’s CorrectX. CorrectX is excellent for most skincare conditions, including minor cuts, scrapes, burns, and even acne. The ointment is cleansing, soothing, and hydrating and is perfect for every member of the family, even our little ones! Treat Your Aches and Pains Sometimes, it’s easy to put off treating aches and pains for years on end. However, you and your body deserve so much more. Removing pain and feeling good can help you achieve your goals, and allow you to live a happier life. Laser Therapy is a great place to start.Check out this review from one of our athletes and clients at BeFitSRQ, Joyce R.:“I’ve been going to Michelle for several years for weight training exercise. She knows what kind of workout you need for your body. I enjoy all the talks, laughs, and advice she gives me. Recently, I’ve had a stress fracture in my right foot and had to wear a boot. Michelle used her deep tissue laser on my foot, and I was out of my boot in two weeks. If you want to have fun while you work out, go see Michelle at BeFitSRQ.Thanks, Michelle, for everything!”-Joyce RJoyce’s foot, with the help of Laser Therapy, healed in an extremely quick time frame, and she was able to get out of her boot and back to participating in the activities she loves. If you’re experiencing aches and pains, we are here to support you through your healing process as well. Attend Active and Exciting Events New Year’s Day Fun Run/Walk/StumbleJanuary 1st, 2020Ring in your new year with an extended celebration, and an active morning! As the title shows, there’s no judgment here on how that movement takes place. Run, walk, or even stumble along to the finish line. The important part is that you’ll be starting your new year (and a new decade!) with your fitness goals in mind. Food is potluck style, and free Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s will be served!See more about this event here. Orchids In ParadiseJanuary 4th-5th, 2020The Sarasota Orchid Society is showing off its beautiful plants at the Sarasota Municipal Auditorium. Come to see an impressive display of nature, while moving your body throughout the space at the same time. You can learn more about the show here.  Towles Court Art WalkJanuary 17th, 2020The Towles Court Art District will have all galleries, businesses, and restaurants open for walk-throughs for this event. Get walking, take in the creative masterpieces, and enjoy live music along the way.See more about this event here. 
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Make This Your Healthiest Season Yet

Fall into a Healthy Autumn

Autumn is a great time to incorporate healthy habits into your life. If you include these habits in your life now, you’ll be more likely to maintain a healthy diet and stay on track during the holidays.

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Make a Pact to Prioritize Wellness

Season of Wellness

As summer fades, everyone starts to get back into their day-to-day routines. For many of us, that means busier days and nights — and more opportunities to put your health and fitness on the back burner. Instead of forgetting about your wellness, make a pact with yourself to make it a top priority this fall. 

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BeFitSRQ has a New Tool for Reducing Pain

New Beginnings This Season

Spring is a time of renewal and new beginnings. BeFitSRQ is having a new beginning of its own this season. We’re introducing the LightForce Therapy Laser, a tool for reducing pain and inflammation.

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Several Ways to Keep the Spring in Your Step

The birds are chirping, the flowers are starting to bloom and the pollen is covering the cars. Spring has sprung in Sarasota! Now is the ideal time to get outdoors and enjoy the mild climate before the summer heat and rainstorms come our way.

There are so many ways to enjoy the season. Head out to one of the area’s farmers markets, catch a spring training baseball game or plant new flowers in your yard. (Or better yet, do all three!)

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Get Off on the Right Foot with Your New Year’s Resolutions

New Year, New You

Have you set your New Year’s Resolutions yet? If you haven’t had a chance, don’t worry. There’s still time. Now is the ideal time to think about how you want to improve in 2019.

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Fitness and Food News for Fall

This Fall, Commit to Fitness

It’s that time of year — we’re all gearing up for the holidays! What does that mean for you? More Parties, More Eating and More Drinking!

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This is the Time, This is the Season

This is the Time, This is the Season

It’s here! Season has officially begun. What does that mean for you? Well, it means more parties, more eating and more drinking!

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Summer is almost over. Start a new season at BeFitSRQ!

A New Season is About to Start

Summer is coming to an end, and a new season will soon begin. As we move into the fall, let BeFitSRQ keep you on track, motivated, stronger and healthier. 

BeFitSRQ can take the headache out of your workout. We offer the best 30-minute total body workouts in town, customized for you. In just 30 minutes, you’ll focus on strength training, building lean muscle and creating a sleeker, leaner, more defined you. All you have to do is show up. 

What can BeFitSRQ do for you? Now is the time to find out. Schedule your free fitness assessment today. 

Exercise of the Month

For those of you who travel, don’t have time to work out, don’t like to work out or can’t get motivated, I have the workout for you! All you need is 10 minutes. Here’s what to do: 

  • 10 jump squats
  • 10 pushups (military, on your knees or use the wall) 
  • 15 to 30 hold planks (on your hands or elbows) 

Start out with three sets. If you want to challenge yourself, do an extra one or two sets. Or if you’re going for a gold star, give me six sets!

Try it! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

Nutritional Tip

How much sugar is in the fruit you’re eating? Consult this handy chart to find out. And remember, 1 teaspoon equals 4 grams of sugar. 

All the Benefits of Essential Oils

One of the primary benefits of essential oils is that, when used properly, they have few, if any, side effects. Many essential oils are effective against harmful organisms. Some can positively affect your mood and mental state. Some essential oils can even help you reduce a headache or feelings of nausea. 

Aromatherapy uses essential oils to improve your quality of life and reduce the unpleasant side effects of aggressive therapies and health conditions. 

Here are just some of the things essential oils can do for you: 

  • Fight cold and flu symptoms
  • Relax your body and soothe sore muscles
  • Heal skin conditions
  • Alleviate pain
  • Balance hormones
  • Improve digestion
  • Reduce cellulite and wrinkles
  • Clean your home

If you want more information about essential oils, contact Michele at BeFitSRQ. She offers classes on the many ways you can use oils in your life. 

Sunny September

Even though summer is fading into the sunset, September in Sarasota can be a sunny month full of time outdoors. Protect your skin from the sun with BloqUV sun protective apparel. It’s a chemical-free brand that blocks 98% of sun’s rays (UPF50). 

Plus, since UV chemicals aren’t added, the UV protection doesn’t wash away with launderings. The fabrics have moisture-wicking and quick-dry properties, and BloqUV shirts are extremely lightweight and soft. Come browse the rainbow of colors we have at the Studio. 

Does Muscle Turn Into Fat?

“I used to be fit, but then I stopped exercising and it all turned to fat.” How many times have you said this to yourself?

There is no process in the human body by which muscle (which is made up of mainly protein, amino acids and water) transforms itself into adipose (fat). The human body, no matter how amazing it can be at times, cannot magically turn one tissue into another. So what happens?

Specifically, it’s a loss of skeletal muscle mass combined with a gain of fat mass occurring at about the same rate, at about the same time. How does this happen, and how can you avoid this? 

Muscles that are partially used — using less than 20% of their maximum force — will start to atrophy over the long term. Complete disuse is even worse: muscles that are completely unused, such as when someone is bedridden and performs very little movement, can degrade by about 1/8 of their strength per week.

Of course, if you don’t have any major health complications, your muscles are not going to degrade at such a significant rate as someone who is bedridden. However, if your body was used to operating at a high, athletic level and you suddenly stop exercising, your body won’t see any reason to maintain your muscles at that level and will begin to atrophy.

And what takes its place instead? Fat!

Same diet, different lifestyle:

  • Your lean body mass is decreasing due to a skeletal muscle mass loss. 
  • Your skeletal muscle mass is decreasing because of disuse. Your BMR decreases accordingly.
  • Because activity level has dropped, your TDEE has also dropped.
  • Energy intake remains consistent, not accounting for TDEE drop. Caloric surplus created.
  • Caloric surplus leads to fat mass gain.


Who is at risk and what they can do: 
People who are at risk for gaining large amounts of fat are, somewhat ironically, people who are at their fittest right now. That’s because when you’re at your fittest, the amount of nutrients you are consuming is necessary fuel to help the body recover after a toughworkout. You’re in balance.

The problem is, people become accustomed to eating a certain amount of food, especially when they have lived a certain way for many years.  They develop a mental understanding of how much they can eat, and they often order and/or cook portion sizes that match this mental understanding of how much food they need.

Although it’s a challenge, here are three steps you can take to get back on track: 

  1. Test your body composition

Testing your body composition regularly is the best way to ensure you’re staying at

the level you want to be. By tracking your body composition, you will be able to track lean mass and fat mass gain or loss. With that kind of information, you’ll be able to make the changes you need to ensure you stay as fit and healthy.

  1. Change your diet

You must adjust your diet to match your current activity level or you will risk running a caloric surplus. That change might be more than you’d expect, too. A great way to optimize your diet is to use BMR, which will make sure you are getting enough nutrients to fuel muscle growth but also lose that stubborn belly fat.

  1. Find an activity that fits your new lifestyle

Find new ways to increase your activity level that works with your current lifestyle. Although you may no longer be performing at high levels every day, you can find new ways to be active on a schedule that works for you. Two days of strength training a week has both great physical and mental benefits.

Remember, the key is to maintain the balance between food consumption and exercise intensity that fits your current lifestyle. Once you achieve that balance, you lose the extra fat and start getting your old athletic body back.

Click here to read the full article:

Some Sarasota Fun in September

September 15: Check out the 6th annual Life’s a Beach Triathlon. It’s somewhat of a kinder, gentler triathlon with a shorter swimming course. There’s a 200-yard swimming race, 5 miles on bike and a 2-mile beach run. Register early and save. The event starts at 6 a.m. with the racer packet pickup, and the first wave goes at 8 a.m. There’s also a beach bash after-party when you finish the race at the Lido Beach Resort. 

September 15: Let your palette enjoy the 5th annual A Taste of Downtown Sarasota. This event includes menu tastings from your favorite downtown restaurants along with fine wine pairings and assorted beers at the historic Sarasota Opera House. Proceeds from the fundraiser benefit Sarasota Youth Opera. Tickets are $75 per person. 

September 30: Enjoy Sarasota’s own Ski-A-Rees Water Ski Team at their first Sunday afternoon show of the new fall season. This free show takes place at their stadium at 2 p.m. 

See you out and about this September! 

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It’s Summertime! Cue the Fireworks and Beach Bodies!

Go from Workout to Cookout this Fourth of July

Summer is here! The fireworks are almost ready to light up the sky for the Fourth of July, and it’s time to let BeFITSRQ help you get that beach body you’ve always wanted.

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