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Staying Healthy This Holiday Season

The Holiday Season is upon us, and we are looking forward to the celebrations that will fill our schedules and the joy that will fill the air. No matter which Holiday you’ll be celebrating this month, making a plan to stay healthy can keep you on track. We’ve gathered some tips to help you keep your goals in mind while still allowing you to enjoy the magic of the season.Keep in mind that the studio will close for the Holidays on December 19th, and will reopen on January 2nd. Keep up your workouts and healthy habits, and we will see you again when it’s time to crush those New Year goals. Exercise of the Month

This month, we’ve got a challenge to keep you motivated and moving through this cozy Holiday season. Aim to complete each of the following exercises 10 times, and complete three sets total (or try to complete 5 for an added challenge). After finishing, take a ten-minute walk around the neighborhood, down the beach, or on the bridge.

Jumping JacksSquatsLunges30 Second PlankWall Push-Ups

As you complete this workout, aim to push yourself further each day. How many of each exercise can you do, and how many rounds can you complete? If you begin by completing three rounds, try to reach four or five by the end of the season. Are your planks completed on your knees or feet? Can you keep your arms bent with your weight resting on your elbows, or do you need to move up to your hands? Challenge yourself to improve in one or more of these areas throughout the season.

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