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This Summer, Put Yourself First at BeFitSRQ

Do It For You

Here’s the deal: We’re all busy. But you have to make time for the important things in life. And that includes you and your body. It’s simple. Start making time for yourself with BeFitSRQ’s 30-minute total body workouts. They’re customized just for you and will help you build lean muscle and create a more defined body.

Just ask yourself — if you give other people hours of your time, can’t you give yourself 30 minutes?

How to Make Exercise a Daily Habit

When it comes to starting something new — such as creating a workout habit — the hardest part is to stick with it long enough so it becomes a habit for life.

Here are my 10 tips for how to make exercise a daily habit:

  1. Start small and challenge yourself slowly
  2. Do shorter, more effective workouts
  3. Commit for 30 days
  4. Develop habits
  5. Make working out a priority
  6. Book it on your calendar
  7. Make it fun
  8. Get friends and family members involved
  9. Find the balance
  10. Need motivation? Get a personal trainer!

Schedule your free assessment today, and get started on forming this important habit!

Protein is Power

Here’s a key nutritional tip: Eat protein at every meal. One of the most important components of feeling full is eating enough protein to stay satisfied. Check out the foods pictured here. Are you eating one of them at each meal?

What Can Blue Do For You?

There are so many ways to use doTERRA Deep Blue soothing blend. It’s the perfect addition to your workout bag.

You can apply it to tension points before and during your workout. You can use it on your feet and knees to soothe them. You can rub it onto tired joints for a warming and cooling sensation. You can use it mixed with fractionated coconut oil when you give someone a hand massage. It’s a great way to relax!

Deep Blue will become your go-to blend this summer — I just know it!

Summertime is Sun-Time

This summer we’ll be spending lots of time outdoors enjoying the water, beach, parks and more. You’ll want to protect your skin from the sun by wearing BloqUV sun protective apparel.

It’s a chemical-free clothing brand that blocks 98% of the sun’s rays. And since UV chemicals aren’t added to the fabric, the UV protection doesn’t wash away when it’s laundered. These clothes also have moisture-wicking and quick-dry properties — and they’re extremely lightweight.

Come see the rainbow of BloqUV color options we have at the studio!

What Your Body Is Made Of

Body composition describes the components that make up your body — fat and fat-free mass. Fat-free mass is made up of everything that isn’t fat, such as protein (lean muscle, organs), water and minerals (bones and iron in the blood).

To change your body composition, you can’t just focus on weight loss. You have to reduce fat mass while maintaining or increasing lean body mass. Increasing lean muscle will give you the appearance of being thinner, even if the number on the scale doesn’t move. That’s because muscle is more compact than fat.

If you focus on body composition instead of fat loss, you can improve your overall appearance, reduce body fat and increase strength.

Want to know more about your body composition? Schedule an assessment today with BeFitSRQ’s InBody 570.

Lots to Do in June:
Women’s Expo, Beach Runs and Wellness Day

On Sunday, June 3, head to Westfield Sarasota Square Mall for a day of fun at the All About Women Expo. This is your chance to explore vendors connected to fashion, beauty, home, entertainment, empowerment, health and wellness — and more. The common theme? You guessed it. It’s all about the ladies.

The beach runs are starting! On June 5 the annual Manasota Track Club Beach Runs will kick off. They’ll be held every Tuesday night through August 14. Come out and enjoy the sand, surf and sport of it!

You can take part in Global Wellness Day on June 9 by taking a free yoga class at The Westin. The class is sponsored by The Yoga Shack Florida and is free for the first 150 attendees. Registration starts at 8 a.m. and the class starts at 9 a.m.

I’m looking forward to a summer filled with wellness — and to seeing you at BeFitSRQ and around our beautiful town! 

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