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The Benefits of High-Intensity Strength Training

b2ap3_thumbnail_BE_FIT_9652.pngHere’s some quick advice: If you haven’t incorporated high-intensity strength training into your exercise routine, you should. The benefits are endless.

There’s even some research out now to suggest that high-intensity strength training could fight cancer.

But first things first. How is high-intensity strength training different than just ordinary strength training? High intensity strength training involves slow movements – lifting weights slowly and lowering them slowly – so that your muscles tire more quickly and more, well, intensely.

During high-intensity strength training, chemicals called myokines are released, which contribute to fat burning. Plus, you get great cardiovascular benefits.

If you’re thinking, “This can’t top the high-intensity interval training that I’ve been doing,” you might be wrong. Many experts say high-intensity strength training does have better overall benefits, but keep in mind that your heart rate likely won’t be as high. The best thing to do? Incorporate both kinds of high-intensity exercises into your fitness regime.

One thing to note – Because you’re increasing the intensity of the exercise as you progress, you’ll have to adjust the frequency as well. That’s why it’s best to work with an expert who understands what’s best for your body and your abilities.

As we age, strength training becomes more and more crucial because our risk of falling increases. One way to prevent falls is to keep up our muscle strength. In fact, lack of muscle strength is the biggest cause of falls, not balance issues like many people think.

There are dozens of exercises with weights, chin-up bars and other simple tools that will get you into the high-intensity strength training game right away. You just have to start.

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